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Mathletics switches kids on to maths. It’s engaging, supportive and targeted to the maths curriculum of Ireland, amongst several international curricula.

Over 4.6 million students in over 20 000 schools love learning with us… and it’s no secret why! Discover the world of Mathletics today. Come and explore, or register for a free trial.

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Mathletics Teacher Testimonial

“Since we launched Mathletics at the school 18 months ago, the outcomes have been stunning. Students across the board have met their challenging targets in maths. We have seen student engagement shoot up and my colleagues have often spoken of how useful the Mathletics teacher tools have significantly aided their lesson planning and implementation. The diagnostic testing available has been invaluable.”

Two major world universities agree.

Recent independent long-term studies into Mathletics, by the Universities of Oxford and Sydney, found that pupils regularly using Mathletics outperformed non-Mathletics users in external testing – both in terms of attainment and progress.

  • More pupils making at least 2 levels of progress in UK Government tests (SATs).

  • Students spending as little as 30mins per week on Mathletics curriculum activities, gained on average 9% in Australian Government tests (NAPLAN).

  • The impact is cumulative. Students with 2+ years usage saw an even greater jump in NAPLAN results.

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Mathletics: targeting the curriculum

Looking for a powerful learning resource aligned to the curriculum your school is studying? Targeted, adaptive and engaging content with reporting and assessments to match. You can even create your own course. No-one does curriculum like Mathletics, we’ve won awards for it.

hours collectively spent in Mathletics every day
targeted and adaptive activities and counting…
average annual improvement in results
years of research into educational best practices
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of teachers agreed that their students were more engaged when using Mathletics.



of teachers agreed that Mathletics has been effective in improving student learning outcomes.



of teachers would recommend Mathletics to a colleague or another school.

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